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Hank Williams III
Rebel Within

Hank Williams III - Rebel Within

The outlaw spirit is alive and well in the latest release Rebel Within from Hank III. It's wallowing and raw sound offers die hard fans a glimpse of classic Hank III. The album features top standout tracks such as the hypnotically entranced 'Karmageddon' and the rousing tune 'Tore Up And Loud'... all showcasing the true rebel within.

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"Moonshiner's Life"


  1. 1. Gettin' Drunk And Fallin' Down
  2. 2. Rebel Within
  3. 3. Lookin' For A Mountain
  4. 4. Gone But Not Forgotten
  5. 5. Drinkin' Ain't Hard To Do
  6. 6. Moonshiner's Life
  7. 7. #5
  8. 8. Karmageddon
  9. 9. Lost In Oklahoma
  10. 10. Tore Up And Loud
  11. 11. Drinkin' Over Momma

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