New Releases For April 30, 2013


Hands - Synesthesia

Hands makes music like a rip tide, swirling in overlapping loops and riffs, slowly enveloping you. The group's members craft their hypnotic sound from a single dropping note that builds into a reverberating roar that crashes over you like a wave. It's a mesmerizing trick that they pull off on their debut LP, Synesthesia.

Building off the success of their Massive Context EP released in 2012 and a 7-inch released on White Iris in January, songs like 'Videolove,' 'Brave Motion,' and 'Trouble' show Hands' innate ability to blend instruments and electronics into a deep texture that moves ethereally through genres.

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"Brave Motion"


  1. 1. Trouble
  2. 2. Videolove
  3. 3. Elegant Road
  4. 4. Brave Motion
  5. 5. The Game Is Changing Us
  6. 6. House Of Jars
  7. 7. Lonesome Body
  8. 8. Kinetic
  9. 9. Nothing But Animals
  10. 10. Take It All