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Built To Last

HammerFall - Built To Last

In times when finest steel was no longer considered the crowning of our beloved genre, HammerFall came to the rescue and blew everyone away with melodic finnesse and sincerity: full length albums such as Glory To The Brave (1997) and Renegade (2000) quickly established the Swedes as pioneers of a modern version of classic ‘80s metal – and they sure haven’t slowed down any since. Built To Last – the tenth album in a career spanning nearly twenty years – definitely boasts a programmatic title and brilliantly displays the strengths of the band.

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"Hammer High"


  1. 1. Bring It!
  2. 2. Hammer High
  3. 3. The Sacred Vow
  4. 4. Dethrone And Defy
  5. 5. Twilight Princess
  6. 6. Stormbreaker
  7. 7. Built To Last
  8. 8. The Star Of Home
  9. 9. New Breed
  10. 10. Second To None

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 03
    Interlaken, Switzerland Greenfield Festival 2021
  • Jun 23
    Nummijärvi, Finland Nummirock Metal Festival 2021
  • Jun 24
    Oslo, Norway Tons Of Rock 2021
  • Aug 18
    Schleswig, Germany Baltic Open Air Festival 2021
  • Aug 20
    Giessen, Germany Hammerfall at Freilichtb. Kloster Schiffenberg
  • Nov 14
    Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine Hammerfall at Atlas
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