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Hammer Fight
Profound And Profane

Hammer Fight - Profound And Profane

The whiskey-drinkin’, beer guzzlin’ bros in Hammer Fight were spawned from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Showcasing a brazen approach to their sound, and therefore it hardly matters if you call it thrash`n`roll or hard rockin’ heavy metal: positively filthy rock meets gloriously sublime classic metal, thrash, speed, punk and hardcore on debut album Profound And profane. Snotty like the Cancer Bats and Zeke, and a second later worshipping at Lemmy`s altar – Hammer Fight don`t just defy all boundaries, they set them on fire and piss on the ashes.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Good Times In Dark Ages"


  1. 1. Picking Up Change
  2. 2. Target Acquired
  3. 3. Into The Dark
  4. 4. Good Times In Dark Ages
  5. 5. Gods Of Rock N' Roll
  6. 6. Low & Broken
  7. 7. Private Stock
  8. 8. The Ultimate Sacrifice
  9. 9. Cell Mates
  10. 10. West Side Story
  11. 11. The Crate
  12. 12. Cult Of Conceit