New Releases For April 6, 2010

Big Red & Barbacoa

Hacienda - Big Red & Barbacoa

Hacienda are a quartet from San Antonio, Texas who can count no less than Dan Aurbach of the Black Keys as a fan. And it was Aurbach who likened their sound to that of 'Mexican Americans who are obsessed with the Beach Boys,' in that they can seamlessly marry the Tex Mex music they grew up surrounded by, with the pop harmonies made famous by California beach dwellers a generation ago.

Aurbach returned to man the controls on Big Red & Barbacoa as he did on their debut, Loud Is The Night, both recorded at Akron Analog Studio. The result is a contemporary yet retro collection of tasty Texas soul.

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"Younger Days"


  1. 1. Who's Heart Are You Breaking
  2. 2. Younger Days
  3. 3. I Keep Waiting
  4. 4. Hound Dog
  5. 5. Prisoner
  6. 6. Big Red
  7. 7. You're My Girl
  8. 8. Apples
  9. 9. As You Like It
  10. 10. Got To Get Back Home
  11. 11. Mama's Cookin'
  12. 12. Barbacoa