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Ha Ha Tonka
Death Of A Decade

Ha Ha Tonka - Death Of A Decade

Death Of A Decade is the culmination of ten years of hard work for this Ozark quartet. They wowed us with their 2007 debut Buckle In The Bible Belt, matured on 2009's Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South, and without a doubt, take their stand as one of the best young bands in the U.S. on this, their third LP. As with Ha Ha Tonka's previous releases, the boys manage to marry authentic Southern songs with modern edges on Death Of A Decade, all without ever coming across as gimmicky.

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"Usual Suspects"


  1. 1. Usual Suspects
  2. 2. Westward Bound
  3. 3. Made Example Of
  4. 4. Jesusita
  5. 5. Lonely Fortunes
  6. 6. Hide It Well
  7. 7. Dead Man's Hand
  8. 8. Problem Solver
  9. 9. Death Of A Decade
  10. 10. No Great Harm
  11. 11. The Humorist