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Guadalcanal Diary
At Your Birthday Party (Reissue)

Guadalcanal Diary - At Your Birthday Party (Reissue)

Guadalcanal Diary exploded on the scene in 1985. The tape was rolling during their two-night stand at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA, January 1998. The following year, At Your Birthday Party was self-released as a thank you to “Guadal fans everywhere.” This 16-track performance finally sees worldwide distribution nearly two decades later, with updated artwork and new liner notes from Attaway. It encompasses everything their fans love about the band—favorites from all 4 Elektra releases, as well as one song which only appears on this collection, plus the hooks and passion that filled venues.

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"Watusi Rodeo"


  1. 1. Gilbert Takes The Wheel
  2. 2. Trail Of Tears
  3. 3. Country Club Gun
  4. 4. Pretty Is As Pretty Does
  5. 5. The Likes Of You
  6. 6. Lips Of Steel
  7. 7. Newborn
  8. 8. Say Please
  9. 9. I See Moe
  10. 10. Whiskey Talk
  11. 11. Vista
  12. 12. Litany (Life Goes On)
  13. 13. Dead Eyes
  14. 14. Cattle Prod
  15. 15. Pau Pau
  16. 16. Watusi Rodeo