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Grinder Blues
El Dos

Grinder Blues - El Dos

This maverick blues-rock supergroup consists of legendary King’s X bass player dUg Pinnick and brothers Scot Little Bihlman on drums and Jabo Bihlman on guitar. El Dos was recorded live at the Palms Studio in Las Vegas with producer Miles Fulwider, who was an integral part of the project. Originally from northern Indiana’s Chicagoland, Jabo and Scot have a long history in blues and rock. Although dUg grew up just outside of Chicago, Grinder Blues is his first project in the genre. Jabo says: “We’re trying to push the boundaries of a genre that can be stale if you’re not careful.”

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"Who Wants A Spankin"


  1. 1. Another Way Round
  2. 2. Everybody
  3. 3. Gotta Get Me Some Of That
  4. 4. Who Wants A Spankin
  5. 5. When The Storm Comes
  6. 6. Somebody
  7. 7. Keep Away
  8. 8. Hold Me Close
  9. 9. Hands Of God
  10. 10. King Without A Throne

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