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Miss Anthropocene

Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

Grimes started producing music when she had to learn the program Logic for her neuroscience class. Shortly thereafter she had a viral myspace page, which allowed her to start booking shows and focus full-time on music. She lived in a crack den in Montreal with no heat (where she got frostbite twice and her neighbor was bludgeoned to death in the hallway), playing raves until her 2012 breakout, Visions, which was recorded during a two-week speed binge wherein she did not leave her bedroom. She’s since become an award-winning music video director as well as a music writer, producer, engineer, singer-songwriter.

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"My Name Is Dark (Algorithm Mix)"


  1. 1. So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Algorithm Mix)
  2. 2. Darkseid (Grimes & PAN)
  3. 3. Delete Forever
  4. 4. Violence (Original Mix)
  5. 5. 4ÆM
  6. 6. New Gods
  7. 7. My Name Is Dark (Algorithm Mix)
  8. 8. You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around
  9. 9. Before The Fever
  10. 10. IDORU (Algorithm Mix)