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Greg Graffin
American Lesion (Vinyl Reissue)

Greg Graffin - American Lesion (Vinyl Reissue)

Greg Graffin's long out-of-print solo album from 1997, American Lesion, has been newly remastered and is available in translucent red vinyl. "Around the time of Bad Religion's Gray Race (1996), I was undergoing some unusual stress. A crisis of trust, friendship, and love beset my creative world. A divorce coincided with a trusted partner and friend leaving the band. I retreated to songwriting as an expression of some of my complicated emotions at the time," explains Graffin. "This album, recorded and mixed in my home studio, was entirely my own creation, almost like an emotional experiment.

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  1. 1. Opinion
  2. 2. Fate's Cruel Hand
  3. 3. Predicament
  4. 4. The Fault Line
  5. 5. When I Fail
  6. 6. Cease
  7. 7. Maybe She Will
  8. 8. The Elements
  9. 9. In The Mirror
  10. 10. Back To Earth

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