New Releases For February 26, 2016

Rise Above The Meadow

Greenleaf - Rise Above The Meadow

If the colossal intro of the opening track “A Million Fireflies” makes you think of Dozer, you shall be forgiven: one or two Dozer members indeed belong to the Greenleaf ranks. Still, Rise Above The Meadow has no intentions of simply being the product of what was formerly just a side project: their sixth incarnation sees the Swedish veterans stepping up their game, taking their classic stoner foundation onto weird and wonderful new journeys! Playfully progressive parts melt into thunderous riffing, with their enchanting 70's style rock, but hauntingly heavier.

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  1. 1. A Million Fireflies
  2. 2. Funeral Pyre
  3. 3. Howl
  4. 4. Golden Throne
  5. 5. Carry Out The Ribbons
  6. 6. Levitate And Bow (Pt. 1 & 2)
  7. 7. You're Gonna Be My Ruin
  8. 8. Tyrant's Tongue
  9. 9. Pilgrims
  10. 10. High And Low