New Releases For December 8, 2009

Grayson Capps
Live At The Paradiso (DVD)

Grayson Capps - Live At The Paradiso (DVD)

In May 2008, Grayson headlined the legendary Amsterdam music venue, The Paradiso, for a solo acoustic performance.

Playing for over two hours, he enthralled the audience with both stories from his life and song favorites from the entirety of his repertoire, including 'Get Back Up,' 'Poison,' 'Washboard Lisa' and 'A Love Song For Bobby Long.'

It was all captured on video with a five-camera shoot and is now available on the DVD release, Live At The Paradiso.


  1. Back To The Country
  2. Jukebox
  3. Give It To Me
  4. I See You
  5. Fear Fruit Bearing Tree
  6. Cry Me One Tear
  7. Pop's Pond
  8. If You Knew My Mind
  9. Waterhole Branch
  10. Mercy
  11. Guitar
  12. Barbara Allen
  13. Love Song For Bobby Long
  14. Arrowhead
  15. Buckshot
  16. Dawson's Story
  17. Get Back Up
  18. Ike
  19. New Orleans Waltz
  20. Lorraine's Song
  21. Big Ole Woman
  22. Washboard Lisa
  23. Fox On the Run
  24. Poison
  25. Graveyard
  26. Gotta Go

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