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Grave Digger
Exhumation: The Early Years

Grave Digger - Exhumation: The Early Years

This compilation presents a new take on the band's classic recordings in a wistful look back to the eighties. It focuses beyond their debut and subsequent hit albums with new takes on classic favorites such as “Shoot Her Down,” the unforgettable from their 1982 demo. Also included is “Stand Up And Rock” from 1987's Stronger Than Ever, which was released under the cross-over attempted band name “Digger” (now a highly sought after edition). In addition, the release includes two bonus tracks and the first new songs since last year's Return Of The Reaper teasing what is to come from the band's upcoming 2016 new studio album.

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"Heavy Metal Breakdown"


  1. 1. Headbanging Man
  2. 2. Fire In Your Eyes
  3. 3. Witch Hunter
  4. 4. Shoot Her Down
  5. 5. Stand Up And Rock
  6. 6. Heavy Metal Breakdown
  7. 7. Enola Gay - Drop The Bomb
  8. 8. Get Away
  9. 9. We Wanna Rock You
  10. 10. Playing Fools
  11. 11. Here I Stand
  12. 12. Tyrant
  13. 13. Paradise
  14. 14. My Private Morning Hell (New Song)
  15. 15. Young And Dangerous (New Song)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 21
    Gelsenkirchen, Germany Rock Hard Festival 2021
  • Jun 03
    Homberg, Germany Mise Open Air Festival 2021
  • Jun 11
    Zamora, Spain Z! Live 2021
  • Jun 24
    Spalene Porici, Czech Republic Basinfirefest 2021
  • Jul 02
    Balingen, Germany Wolfweez Open Air Festival 2021
  • Jul 07
    Ballenstedt, Germany Rockharz Open Air 2021
  • Jul 09
    Chelopech, Bulgaria Wolf Fest 2021
  • Jul 30
    Mnichovo Hradiště, Czech Republic FryyFest 2021
  • Dec 28
    Crailsheim, Germany Grave Digger at Sporthalle Ingersheim
  • Jan 14
    Neuruppin, Germany Grave Digger with Motorjesus at Kulturhaus Stadtgarten
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