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Graffiti6 - Colours

Graffiti6 is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Jamie Scott and songwriter-producer TommyD. Their debut album, Colours, is a mélange of pop, psychedelia, R&B and British northern soul. It reflects the lively imagination of its creators and is as vividly vibrant as both the project's moniker and its album title suggest.

Songs like 'Stone In My Heart,' 'Stare Into The Sun,' 'Annie You Save Me,' and 'Free' are latter-day psych-soul nuggets, while the remainder of Colours zigzags all over the musical map: from the folk-soul balladry of 'Goodbye Geoffrey Drake' and the spare, gospel-inflected feel of 'Over You,' to the down-tempo sultriness of 'Calm The Storm' and the jangly indie-rock vibe of 'Lay Me Down.'

Following its five-star review in London newspaper The Independent, Colours is already expected to place on many year's best lists.

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  1. 1. Stone In My Heart
  2. 2. Annie You Save Me
  3. 3. Stare Into The Sun
  4. 4. This Man
  5. 5. Free
  6. 6. Calm The Storm
  7. 7. Colours
  8. 8. Goodbye Geoffrey Drake
  9. 9. Never Look Back
  10. 10. Stop Mary
  11. 11. Lay Me Down
  12. 12. Over You

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