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Gold Panda
Good Luck And Do Your Best

Gold Panda - Good Luck And Do Your Best

UK producer Gold Panda returns with his third album Good Luck And Do Your Best, the follow up to his two excellent albums Lucky Shiner (2010) and Half Of Where You Live (2013). The 11-track album is as kaleidoscopic as ever with it's warm electronic anthems, warped beats, straight bangers and musical explorations. Full of surprises and twists, the record is still the most concise and articulate Gold Panda album to date.

TAGS: Electronic

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"Time Eater"


  1. 1. Metal Bird
  2. 2. In My Car
  3. 3. Chiba Nights
  4. 4. Pink And Green
  5. 5. Song For A Dead Friend
  6. 6. I Am Real Punk
  7. 7. Autumn Fall
  8. 8. Halyards
  9. 9. Time Eater
  10. 10. Unthank
  11. 11. Your Good Times Are Just Beginning