New Releases For March 27, 2012

God Forbid

God Forbid - Equilibrium

For over fifteen years New Jersey's God Forbid have constantly challenged themselves to deliver infectious and balanced heavy metal songs. Loved for their stellar guitar work, fist-pumping choruses, intricate and pummeling rhythm section, and venomous vocals, God Forbid reaffirms their distinguished position as a high-quality metal band on their latest effort, Equilibrium: their sixth full length release and first with their newly home at Victory Records.

God Forbid have achieved high praise from fans and critics alike over their career and still have an insatiable hunger to expand their song writing horizons. Equilibrium is no exception and is as monstrously heavy as it is dynamic and textured.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Where We Come From"


  1. 1. Don't Tell Me What To Dream
  2. 2. My Rebirth
  3. 3. A Few Good Men
  4. 4. Scraping The Walls
  5. 5. Conquer
  6. 6. Equilibrium
  7. 7. Overcome
  8. 8. Cornered
  9. 9. This Is Who I Am
  10. 10. Move On
  11. 11. Pages
  12. 12. Awakening
  13. 13. Where We Come From