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God Damn
God Damn

God Damn - God Damn

At the same time as recording their third full-length album, former Catholic chorister and lead vocalist of Black Country rock trio God Damn, Thomas Edward was suspended from his teaching job for destroying bibles. “It really wasn't even that satanic, I felt that little baptized choir boy kick in as I was ‘recycling’ them and said ‘Lord have mercy on me.’ A colleague filmed the whole thing and a member of staff emailed it into the school, pretending to be a put-out parent. I think I saw it as separating the state from religion.” Themes of religion, spirituality, society and politics permeate throughout the album.

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  1. 1. Dreamers
  2. 2. High Frequency Words
  3. 3. Hi Ho Zero
  4. 4. Whip Goes The Crack
  5. 5. We Are One
  6. 6. Palm Of Sound
  7. 7. Tiny Wings
  8. 8. Mirror Balls
  9. 9. Bleeding A Rope
  10. 10. Hinge-Unhinged
  11. 11. Satellite Prongs

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 01
    Brighton, UK God Damn at The Hope & Ruin
  • Aug 02
    Bristol, UK God Damn at The Crofters Rights
  • Aug 03
    Birmingham, UK God Damn at Hare & Hounds
  • Aug 06
    Manchester, UK God Damn at Satan's Hollow
  • Oct 07
    Wrexham, UK Focus Wales 2021
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