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Goblin Rebirth
Goblin Rebirth

Goblin Rebirth - Goblin Rebirth

Relapse is beyond honored to present the debut album by Italy's Goblin Rebirth, the new band featuring the rhythm section from the original Goblin, Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo. Goblin Rebirth mix the classic horror soundtrack sounds of their former band with a chillingly exciting drive that will thrill prog-heads and score-fiends alike. Goblin Rebirth is an instantly classic album that tells the tale of an imaginary film about the birth of an evil dwarf-like monster that sits confidently next to the classic Goblin scores like “Suspiria,” “Profondo Rosso,” and “Tenebre.”

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"Requiem For X"


  1. 1. Requiem For X
  2. 2. Back In 74
  3. 3. Book Of Skulls
  4. 4. Mysterium
  5. 5. Evil In The Machine
  6. 6. Forest
  7. 7. Dark Bolero
  8. 8. Rebirth