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Serious Thing (Deluxe Reissue)

Gladiators - Serious Thing (Deluxe Reissue)

After 1982’s Symbol Of Reality, their first for the Nighthawk Records label, the Gladiators added more cultural commentary in their song choices for 1984’s follow up, Serious Thing. Topical songs dominate the album from the title track, “Serious Thing” to “Freedom Train” and “My Thoughts.” Once again, they revisited their own catalog of songs, re-recording, “Rearrange” (originally cut with Coxsone Dodd in the early ’70s) and “Fling It Gimme” (originally a single for the group dating back to 1969). This newly remastered version of the album features the original ten tracks, plus six previously unissued tracks.

TAGS: Reggae | Reissue

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  1. 1. Serious Thing
  2. 2. My Thoughts
  3. 3. Fling It Gimme
  4. 4. Rearrange
  5. 5. Mid-Range
  6. 6. Freedom Train
  7. 7. Good Foundation
  8. 8. After You
  9. 9. Bless Our Soul*
  10. 10. New Song/New Vibe*
  11. 11. Serious Thing Version*
  12. 12. My Thoughts Version
  13. 13. My Thoughts Instrumental Dub*
  14. 14. Fling It Gimme Version*
  15. 15. Mid-Range Version
  16. 16. Good Foundation Dub*
  17. * Previously Unissued

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