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Gladiators - Full Time

The Gladiators were founded by Albert Griffiths in 1968 after he experienced a positive reaction to early solo singles. Success came quickly for the new roots reggae band with “Hello Carol,” which topped the charts in Jamaica. The Gladiators’ Nighthawk sessions were all recorded and mixed at Harry J Studio by the legendary engineer Sylvan Morris who first worked with the Gladiators in the early 1970s at Studio One. Now newly mastered from the original tapes by Grammy®-winner Michael Graves. The 14 track release features new liner notes from original co-producer Leroy Jodie Pierson.

TAGS: Reggae | Reissue

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"Bongo Red"


  1. 1. Bongo Red
  2. 2. Red Version
  3. 3. Ship Without A Captain
  4. 4. Run Them
  5. 5. Fussing And Fighting
  6. 6. Fussing Version
  7. 7. You Little Rat (AKA Prince Tony’s Head)
  8. 8. I’m Not Crying
  9. 9. Rocking Vibration
  10. 10. Vibration Version
  11. 11. Reggae Jamboree
  12. 12. Boy In Long Pants
  13. 13. Full Time
  14. 14. One Love

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