New Releases For August 7, 2012

Giving The Table A Name

Giving The Table A Name - Gulag

Gulag marks the fifth album in the Giving The Table A Name series, making a sharp turn into a darker neighborhood. It's an exhibition of parables with questionable morals, of characters with questionable morals. A study on the macabre, the unspoken, and the maladjusted. A descent into downward spiral. Glimpses into manipulation, paranoia, indignities, twisted love, and sexual indiscretions. Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, Gulag makes frequent use of two distorted basses, giving their soliloquies over heavily punctuating drums. Narrated by haunting two-, three-, and four-part harmonies, flourished with skeptical acoustics and molested electrics.

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"Satyr & Slattern"


  1. 1. Corpus Delicti
  2. 2. Satyr & Slattern
  3. 3. Sutures
  4. 4. Poltroon
  5. 5. Festooned With Our Garments
  6. 6. Sputum
  7. 7. Beriberi
  8. 8. {A Heart Like} The Bermuda Triangle
  9. 9. Harbinger Of Pulchritude
  10. 10. Nyctophobia