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Gil Scott-Heron
Black Wax (DVD/Blu-ray)

Gil Scott-Heron - Black Wax (DVD/Blu-ray)

Black Wax (Robert Mugge, 1982) centers on the late African American poet-singer-songwriter Gil Scott-Heron, the man Melody Maker called "the most dangerous musician alive" and many dubbed the forefather of rap music, and his 10-piece Midnight Band. It was filmed entirely on location in Washington, D.C., primarily at the Wax Museum Nightclub (now defunct). Classic songs are performed by the band and between songs, Mr. Scott-Heron recites his powerful poems, leading the camera on a unique tour of Washington, DC, and finally confronting the "ghosts of America's past" (life-sized wax figures). This is Mr. Scott-Heron at the absolute peak of his powers.


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  2. 1. Winter In America
  3. 2. Alien
  4. 3. Johannesburg
  5. 4. Storm Music
  6. 5. Waiting For The Axe To Fall
  7. 6. Gun
  8. 7. B' Movie
  9. 8. + More!

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