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Ghalia Volt
One Woman Band

Ghalia Volt - One Woman Band

Never underestimate the power of a woman with her back to the wall. In March 2020, as Covid blew across the planet, the shutters came down on live venues and recording studios, and the music scene fell suddenly silent, Ghalia Volt faced the same dilemma as every other artist. What now? The answer was One Woman Band. For Volt, the rebirth as a solo performer wasn’t a decision made lightly. Since the early days, she’s been a musician who thrives on the buzz of the hook-up, surrounding herself with the best players and soaking up their vibe.

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"Last Minute Packer"


  1. 1. Last Minute Packer
  2. 2. Espiritu Papago
  3. 3. Can't Escape
  4. 4. Evil Thoughts
  5. 5. Meet Me In My Dreams
  6. 6. Reap What You Sow
  7. 7. Loving Me Is A Full Time Job
  8. 8. It Hurts Me Too
  9. 9. It Ain't Bad
  10. 10. Bad Apple
  11. 11. Just One More Time

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