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Gerry Beckley
Five Mile Road

Gerry Beckley - Five Mile Road

“I knew that this batch of songs, even the choice of the album’s title, was going to be about my journey,” says Gerry Beckley, who finds himself embracing his past personally, professionally and creatively nearly as much as he looks to the future. But for the singer/songwriter/performer best known for his 50-year career as co-founder of the legendary band America, the journey still shimmers with a melodic melancholy that makes his music as familiar as it is iconic.

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"Life Lessons"


  1. 1. Life Lessons
  2. 2. Something To Remember
  3. 3. Home Again
  4. 4. Five Mile Road
  5. 5. Hang Your Head High
  6. 6. So Long Marni
  7. 7. Vagabond
  8. 8. Heart Of The Valley
  9. 9. Stop Feeling Sorry
  10. 10. Calling
  11. 11. Sudden Soldier
  12. 12. Two People At Once

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