New Releases For October 9, 2012

German Pascual
A New Beginning

German Pascual - A New Beginning

This is vocalist Germán Pascual's (Divinefire / Narnia / Mind's Eye) solo debut. Blistering guitar riffs, gritty melodies, and hooks big enough to catch a whale, this could be the follow up to Narnia's 2009 release Course Of A Generation in it's pure melodic power metal bordering on melodic thrash, following up where the last Narnia album left off.

Featuring performances of other well known musicians Carl-Johan 'CJ' Grimmark (Narnia / Fires Of Babylon / Rob Rock) and bassists Per Schelander (Pain of Salvation / Royal Hunt) and Raphael Dafras (Almah / Seven Horizons).

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"Seek the Truth"


  1. 1. Seek the Truth
  2. 2. The Wrath Of God
  3. 3. If The Sky Would Fall
  4. 4. Misty Dreams
  5. 5. Open Your Eyes
  6. 6. I Call For The One
  7. 7. Unbroken Wings
  8. 8. Come Ease The Pain
  9. 9. Fate Of The Blind
  10. 10. Canción Con Todos