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Gene Clark
Gene Clark Sings For You (Expanded Reissue)

Gene Clark - Gene Clark Sings For You (Expanded Reissue)

The Holy Grail of Clark’s post-Byrds career finally sees the light of day. In addition to the eight tracks from the Gene Clark Sings For You acetate, recorded in 1967 after he famously left The Byrds, there are an additional five previously unknown tracks from a further 1967 acetate given to the band, The Rose Garden, for recording consideration. This new compilation also includes a previously unissued demo rescued from a tape in the collection of John Noreen, member of The Rose Garden. This demo of the song “Till Today” is Clark running through it for the band who would cut it on their only album, the 1968 self-titled effort on Atco Records.

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"Till Today"


  1. 1. On Her Own
  2. 2. Past Tense
  3. 3. Yesterday, Am I Right
  4. 4. Past My Door
  5. 5. That’s Alright By Me
  6. 6. One Way Road
  7. 7. Down On The Pier
  8. 8. 7:30 Mode
  9. 9. On Tenth Street
  10. 10. Understand Me
  11. 11. A Long Time
  12. 12. Big City Girl
  13. 13. Doctor Doctor
  14. 14. Till Today

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