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Gary Louris
Jump For Joy

Gary Louris - Jump For Joy

Over the last three decades, singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Gary Louris has built a deeply compelling body of music whose artistry and integrity has won the loyalty of an international audience and the respect of both critics and his peers. Best known for his seminal work with the Jayhawks, he is one of the most acclaimed musicians to come out of Minnesota’s teeming rock scene. Louris released his first solo album, Vagabonds, in 2008.

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"New Normal"


  1. 1. Almost Home
  2. 2. Living In Between
  3. 3. White Squirrel
  4. 4. New Normal
  5. 5. Mr. Updike
  6. 6. Follow
  7. 7. Too Late The Key
  8. 8. One Way Conversation
  9. 9. Jump For Joy
  10. 10. Dead Man's Burden

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