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Ganey Arsement
Le Forgeron

Ganey Arsement - Le Forgeron

Born and raised in Lake Charles, LA, you might think that Cajun singer, songwriter, and accordion player Ganey Arsement makes his music on the fringes of Cajun country. Actually, Lake Charles is more of a crossroads, a meeting point between the honky-tonks of East Texas, and the Cajun dancehalls of Southwest Louisiana.

As a result, Ganey slips as easily between the cranking heat of the Cajun accordion and the electric twang of East Texas country and electric blues. From the crossroads of some of the most musically fertile land in America, this is pure Americana.

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"Back To You"


  1. 1. Le Forgeron
  2. 2. La Vérité
  3. 3. John Dale's Zydeco
  4. 4. La Pistache À Tante Nana
  5. 5. Petite Ou La Grosse
  6. 6. C'est Trop Tard
  7. 7. Pipeliner Blues
  8. 8. Quand Les Temps Apres Finir
  9. 9. Bayou Anglais
  10. 10. Here, In My Arms
  11. 11. In The Pines
  12. 12. A Small Town
  13. 13. I'm Sorry
  14. 14. Back To You
  15. 15. Le Two-Step Du Forgeron