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Game Theory
The Big Shot Chronicles (Expanded Reissue)

Game Theory - The Big Shot Chronicles (Expanded Reissue)

Once again helmed by Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Let’s Active), the 12-track album features an expansion of the band’s sound, and contains the MTV 120 Minutes staple, “Erica’s Word.” The CD and Digital versions contain 25 tracks, while the LP component (first pressing on lime-green vinyl) has the original 12-track LP, with a download for the entire CD program. Packaging again contains a plethora of unseen images from long-time group photographer “Photo Robert” Toren. Add in liner notes including the aforementioned Ray/Vallor interview, an essay from Jason Cohen, and a remembrance from The Magnetic Field’s Stephin Merritt, The Big Shot Chronicles’ 30th anniversary is everything it should be, and much more.

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"Erica’s Word"


  1. 1. Here It Is Tomorrow
  2. 2. Where You Going Northern
  3. 3. I’ve Tried Subtlety
  4. 4. Erica’s Word
  5. 5. Make Any Vows
  6. 6. Regenisraen
  7. 7. Crash Into June
  8. 8. Book Of Millionaires
  9. 9. The Only Lesson Learned
  10. 10. Too Closely
  11. 11. Never Mind
  12. 12. Like A Girl Jesus
  13. Bonus Tracks:
  14. 13. Linus And Lucy
  15. 14. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
  16. 15. Seattle
  17. 16. Sweet Jane (Live)
  18. 17. The Only Lesson (2-Track Demo)
  19. 18. Make Any Vows (Live)
  20. 19. Erica’s Word (Rough Mix)
  21. 20. Jesus Christ (Solo Demo)
  22. 21. Like A Girl Jesus (Rough Mix)
  23. 22. Re-Make/Re-Model (Live)
  24. 23. If And When It Falls Apart (Rehearsal)
  25. 24. Friend Of The Family (Live)
  26. 25. Come Home With Me

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