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Full Devil Jacket
Valley Of Bones

Full Devil Jacket - Valley Of Bones

A victorious and impossible to ignore sophomore slab, simultaneously resurrecting and updating the band’s hard rock sound. Longtime fans will recognize plenty of signature elements, but this is the Full Devil Jacket of old on steroids. When asked what went into the new effort, vocalist Josh Brown offers, “When we write music, we only write it if it’s real. I only sing it if I believe in it.”

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Valley Of Bones"


  1. 1. Killers
  2. 2. Valley Of Bones
  3. 3. 7x Down
  4. 4. The Moment
  5. 5. We Got The Love
  6. 6. What If They Say
  7. 7. Blood Of The Innocent
  8. 8. Picturebox Voodoo
  9. 9. Paper Crown
  10. 10. August