New Releases For August 6, 2013

Fueled By Fire
Trapped In Perdition

Fueled By Fire - Trapped In Perdition

Fueled By Fire have fine-tuned their sound into an explosive act in the vein of '80s speed demons Slayer, Overkill, Testament and more. Since their debut album Spread The Fire made a huge impact on the metal scene, it was their second album Plunging Into Darkness that really made the difference and put Fueled By Fire on the thrash metal map for good.

Now those insane thrashers are back with their newest effort called Trapped in Perdition. The album was recorded where death metal is most alive, Florida - in the Mana Recording Studios with producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Ephel Duath).

TAGS: Metal

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  1. 1. Catastrophe
  2. 2. Suffering Entities
  3. 3. Forsaken Deity
  4. 4. Profane Path
  5. 5. Deface Mortality
  6. 6. Rotten Creation
  7. 7. Pharmaceutical Extermination
  8. 8. Symbolic Slaying
  9. 9. Obliteration
  10. 10. Outro
  11. 11. Depiction of Demise *

  12. * Bonus Track