New Releases For September 11, 2012

Fred Hersch Trio
Alive At The Vanguard

Fred Hersch Trio - Alive At The Vanguard

A new piano trio recording by five-time Grammy nominee Fred Hersch offers the rare opportunity to recalibrate expectations about the most fundamental of all jazz settings. Captured in the heat of creative ferment at the Village Vanguard, the sanctified venue that has long served as the pianist's second home, Hersch's trio with bassist John H├ębert and drummer Eric McPherson displays all the rhythmic daring, preternatural interplay, harmonic sophistication and passionate lyricism that makes it one of the era's definitive ensembles. The double album features a diverse array of seven scintillating new Hersch originals, four American Songbook gems, and seven classic jazz tunes.

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  1. DISC ONE:
  2. 1. Havana
  3. 2. Tristesse
  4. 3. Segment
  5. 4. Lonely Woman
  6. 5. Dream Of Monk
  7. 6. Rising, Falling
  8. 7. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
  9. 8. Doxy

  10. DISC TWO:
  11. 1. Opener (Hersch)
  12. 2. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  13. 3. Jackalope
  14. 4. The Wind
  15. 5. Sartorial (Hersch)
  16. 6. From This Moment On
  17. 7. The Song Is You / Played Twice