New Releases For April 30, 2013

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
On The Edge

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen - On The Edge

With esteemed guests Tim O'Brien, Dobro whiz Rob Ickes, and vocalist Megan McCormick joining Solivan's skilled team of pickers, these original songs and unique arrangements virtually jump off of the CD as the band applies the muscle of traditional bluegrass and finesse of newgrass to songs across the bluegrass and Americana spectrums.

Frank Solivan's tenor vocals soar over virtuosic picking provided by banjoist Mike Munford, guitarist Chris Luquette and bassist Danny Booth.

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"I Fell Short (With Rob Ickes)"


  1. 1. I Fell Short (With Rob Ickes)
  2. 2. Gone
  3. 3. The Letter
  4. 4. Day To Day
  5. 5. M80
  6. 6. On The Edge Of Letting Go
  7. 7. Too Far Gone
  8. 8. Wild Unknown
  9. 9. No Chance
  10. 10. Bedrock

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