New Releases For September 6, 2011

Francisco Mela
Tree Of Life

Francisco Mela - Tree Of Life

Known for his thrilling display of verve and signature symbol riding style, Mela inherently speaks with Afro-Cuban tongues yet his distinct voice echoes that of jazz giants including Corea, Davis, Jones and Monk.

Expect a spell of thunder and lighting on this trip before reaching brilliant new horizons.

TAGS: Jazz | Latin

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  1. 1. Retrograde
  2. 2. Africa En Mis Venas
  3. 3. Toma Del Poder
  4. 4. Yadan Mela
  5. 5. Classico Mela
  6. 6. The Nearness Of You
  7. 7. Yo Me
  8. 8. Just Now
  9. 9. Fiesta Conga
  10. 10. Gracias A La Vida