New Releases For January 31, 2020

Frances Quinlan

Frances Quinlan - Likewise

Frances Quinlan has built an identity for herself over the past decade as the lead songwriter and frontwoman of the Philadelphia-based band Hop Along, and her distinct voice is among the most recognizable and inimitable in music. While the band began as Quinlan's solo project (originally titled Hop Along, Queen Ansleis), Likewise is Quinlan's debut under her own name. To make the record, she enlisted the virtuosic skills of her bandmate Joe Reinhart, and together they produced the album at his studio, The Headroom, recording in stints over the course of a year.

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"Rare Thing"


  1. 1. Piltdown Man
  2. 2. Your Reply
  3. 3. Rare Thing
  4. 4. Detroit Lake
  5. 5. A Secret
  6. 6. Went To LA
  7. 7. Lean
  8. 8. Now That I'm Back
  9. 9. Carry The Zero