New Releases For November 27, 2012

Fort Shame
Double Wide

Fort Shame - Double Wide

The band's full-length debut, Double Wide is full of lush harmonies and complimentary songwriting. Fort Shame brings together Sue Harshe of indie rock pioneers Scrawl, and Todd May, frontman for notable alt-country projects, and the guitarist who took Lydia Loveless' band to another level.

Harshe's jangly, R.E.M.-inspired college rock with May's post-Uncle Tupelo roots rock finds a common denominator in Paul Westerberg's uncouth big-hearted pop.

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"One For The Ages"


  1. 1. Someone Turned Her Inside Out
  2. 2. One For The Ages
  3. 3. Billy Squier's Drummer
  4. 4. Gay Boys In Berlin
  5. 5. Ghost Story
  6. 6. Sundowner
  7. 7. Trouble
  8. 8. Like That Richard Manual Song
  9. 9. Ethel The Typist
  10. 10. Confidence Man
  11. 11. Dead Fly The Birds