New Releases For May 5, 2017

Forest Swords

Forest Swords - Compassion

Forest Swords, aka acclaimed Merseyside-based producer Matthew Barnes, returns with his eagerly anticipated new full-length record. Compassion, the follow-up to 2013's critically lauded debut Engravings. The album will be followed by a set of projects across multiple mediums by Forest Swords’ own Dense Truth, a new experimental studio and record label, including a series of music videos.

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  1. 1. War It
  2. 2. The Highest Flood
  3. 3. Panic
  4. 4. Exalter
  5. 5. Border Margin Barrier
  6. 6. Arms Out
  7. 7. Vandalism
  8. 8. Sjurvival
  9. 9. Raw Language
  10. 10. Knife Edge