New Releases For September 30, 2014

Flying Colors
Second Nature

Flying Colors - Second Nature

Flying Colors is the talent-ridden supergroup consisting of guitarist Steve Morse, drummer Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, bass player Dave LaRue and the comparatively new talent, pop singer/songwriter Casey McPherson. The band challenged conventional wisdom about combining virtuoso music and melodic songwriting in their new album, Second Nature.


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"Mask Machine"


  1. 1. Open Up Your Eyes
  2. 2. Mask Machine
  3. 3. Bombs Away
  4. 4. The Fury Of My Love
  5. 5. A Place In Your World
  6. 6. Lost Without You
  7. 7. One Love Forever
  8. 8. Peaceful Harbor
  9. 9. Cosmic Symphony