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No Spirit Within

Fister - No Spirit Within

Hailing from St. Louis MO, Fister have been sublimating their brutally toxic environment into a deliberate and belligerent challenge to the eardrums since 2009. Comprised of drummer Kirk Gatterer, guitarist/vocalist Marcus Newstead, and Kenny Snarzyk on bass and vocals, this trio converts an eclectic swarm of extreme metal influences into the sonic analogue of trench warfare. Honed to grisly sharpness through years of performance, they have shared the stage with the likes of sludge icons Eyehategod, Crowbar and many more.

"These guys are writing a new chapter for doom and sludge all on their own" - The Sludge Lord

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"I Am Kuru"


  1. 1. Frozen Scythe
  2. 2. Disgraced Possession
  3. 3. Cazador
  4. 4. I Am Kuru
  5. 5. No Spirit Within
  6. 6. Heat Death
  7. 7. Star Swallower