New Releases For September 11, 2012

International Orange!

Firewater - International Orange!

International Orange! continues in the proud Firewater tradition of cultural and stylistic mash-ups. High-energy Turkish percussion drives jagged guitars and horns on eleven anthems of frustration and hope, movement and transformation. The songs tap into grooves as disparate as Turkish maqsoum, Punjabi bhangra, Jamaican ska, Greek rebetiko, classic punk and old-school mambo. Created in Istanbul and Tel Aviv during the 2011 Arab Spring, their latest release captures the frenetic pulse of a world in the state of flux.

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"A Little Revolution"


  1. 1. A Little Revolution
  2. 2. Glitter Days
  3. 3. Dead Man's Boots
  4. 4. Up From The Underground
  5. 5. The Monkey Song
  6. 6. Ex-Millionaire Mamba
  7. 7. Feeling No Pain
  8. 8. Strange Life
  9. 9. Nowhere To Be Found
  10. 10. Tropical Depression
  11. 11. The Bonney Anne