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Finny McConnell
The Dark Streets Of Love

Finny McConnell - The Dark Streets Of Love

After 30 glorious years of leading renowned Celtic punk rockers the Mahones, founder and band leader Finny McConnell decided that it was time to make an album for himself. Showcasing his intimate songwriting skills, Finny also includes covers of songs with deep meaning to him. This is his love letter to everyone important in his world and it should not be missed. The Dark Streets Of Love is a collection of his most intimate music, stripped bare with personal lyrics that represent not only his truth, but a truth that we can all relate to.

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"Atlantic City"


  1. 1. Atlantic City
  2. 2. Someone Save Me
  3. 3. Stars (Oscar Wilde)
  4. 4. A Pair Of Brown Eyes
  5. 5. New York City
  6. 6. So Far Away
  7. 7. Pale Blue Eyes
  8. 8. We're Miles Apart
  9. 9. Cocktail Blues
  10. 10. Fiddlers Green
  11. 11. Back Home