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Perfect Darkness

Fink - Perfect Darkness

Perfect Darkness is the new album by Fink. Recorded in Los Angeles in 20 super-creative days with producer Billy Bush, formerly engineer with Butch Vig (Nirvana, Garbage), it brims with one-take wonders and naturalistic, hand-on-heart, head-in-hands, head-in-the-clouds songs. It's a 'singer-songwriter' album that manages to encompass DJ Shadow and Nick Drake; that is marinated in blues, jazz and soul; that's sung by Greenall in a voice that has a relaxed, textured, woody heft.

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"Perfect Darkness"


  1. 1. Perfect Darkness
  2. 2. Fear Is Like Fire
  3. 3. Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us
  4. 4. Honesty
  5. 5. Wheels
  6. 6. Warm Shadow
  7. 7. Save It For Somebody Else
  8. 8. Who Says
  9. 9. Foot In The Door
  10. 10. Berlin Sunrise

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Dec 10
    Eindhoven, Netherlands Naked Song Walk Along 2021
  • Jan 29
    Gothenburg, Sweden Fink at Trädgårn
  • Jan 30
    Stockholm, Sweden Fink at Debaser Strand
  • Feb 01
    Oslo, Norway Fink at Vulkan Arena
  • Feb 02
    Copenhagen, Denmark Fink at Amager Bio
  • Feb 03
    Hamburg, Germany Fink at Gruenspan
  • Feb 05
    Poznan, Poland Fink at Tama
  • Feb 06
    Warsaw, Poland Fink at Progresja
  • Feb 07
    Krakow, Poland Fink at Kwadrat
  • Feb 09
    Leipzig, Germany Fink at Täubchenthal
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