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Findlay Brown
Love Will Find You

Findlay Brown - Love Will Find You

Findlay Brown's US debut Love Will Find You on Verve Forecast.

This 29-year-old Englishman reflects and rediscovers styles from doo-wop, to Elvis, to Roy Orbison, as well as a lot of soul music like Motown and other '60s music. This release was aided by producer Bernard Butler, the Suede guitarist who recently worked with the vintage-minded English singer Duffy.

The New Yorker calls Findlay's music '...a swooning and soulful affair' and MOJO declares it 'gorgeous.'

Findlay Brown makes his debut US TV performance tonight, when he is the musical guest on Late Night With David Letterman.


  1. Love Will Find You
  2. Nobody Cared
  3. All That I Have
  4. Everybody Needs Love
  5. That's Right
  6. Teardrops Lost In The Rain
  7. Holding Back The Night
  8. If I Could Do It Again
  9. I Still Want You
  10. I Had A Dream