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Filthy Friends
Emerald Valley

Filthy Friends - Emerald Valley

Emerald Valley is the sophomore effort from supergroup Filthy Friends. This album finds Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, and Linda Pitmon flexing their muscles both sonically and thematically: the music contains more surprises and sophistication, while the lyrics take on the current state of our planet and our people. The album title and title track come from another name for Eugene, OR, Tucker’s home city, and evolved into (in Corin's words) "a sort of manifesto about the kind of place we are at as a country but also as a region."

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"Last Chance County"


  1. 1. Emerald Valley
  2. 2. Pipeline
  3. 3. November Man
  4. 4. Only Lovers Are Broken
  5. 5. Angels
  6. 6. The Elliott
  7. 7. One Flew East
  8. 8. Break Me
  9. 9. Last Chance County
  10. 10. Hey Lacey