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The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Filter - The Sun Comes Out Tonight

The Sun Comes Out Tonight heralds the return of Marlette in the roles of producer and co-writer... It's synthesis of tools from the band's past and brand new attributes facilitate the stereophonic assault that only Filter circa 2013 can deliver. Tracks 'What Do You Say.' 'This Finger's For You,' and 'We Hate It When You Get What You Want' see the with vicious guitar riffs, blasting beats, Radtke's lilting background vocals, Patrick's gruff delivery, and captivating choruses that were made to sing along to.

'Finally! Filter, the way we like 'em, crunchy, and sweet! Everything we loved about Richard Patrack is back and better than ever!' - Roxy Myzal (Hard Drive)

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"What Do You Say"


  1. 1. We Hate It When You Get What You Want
  2. 2. What Do You Say
  3. 3. Surprise
  4. 4. Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight
  5. 5. It's Got To Be Right Now
  6. 6. This Finger's For You
  7. 7. Self Inflicted
  8. 8. First You Break It
  9. 9. Burn It
  10. 10. Take That Knife Out Of My Back
  11. 11. It's My Time
  12. 12. It's Just You

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