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Fiction Family
Fiction Family Reunion

Fiction Family - Fiction Family Reunion

Fiction Family: This second full-length partnership of Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Fiction Family Reunion sees two distinctive artists offering up their blend of folk, pop, and songcraft.

Foreman and Watkins became friends at their hometown festival, San Diego's famed Street Scene. Convening at Switchfoot's Spot X Studio in Carlsbad, CA for a series of sessions, the band produced themselves, keeping it intimate and organic.

The first single 'Up Against the Wall' notes the influence of the Band's 'The Weight,' as Fiction Family's attempt to find that same DNA.

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"Up Against The Wall"


  1. 1. Avalon
  2. 2. Guilt
  3. 3. Up Against The Wall
  4. 4. Give Me Back My Girl
  5. 5. Damaged
  6. 6. God Badge
  7. 7. Never Call
  8. 8. Just Rob Me
  9. 9. Reality Calls
  10. 10. Fools Gold