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Snow On FerreTT Mountain

FerreTT - Snow On FerreTT Mountain

FerreTT comes to this Holiday season with a tongue-in-cheek Christmas EP to get your stockings rocking. If you love the Holidays, but need more than the standards provide, hit the slopes of FerreTT Mountain. This seasonal record features an original cover of WHAM!’s “Last Christmas” and an acoustic version of the smash hit “Thirsty.” FerreTT delivers true rock ‘n’ roll with all the party of L.A.’s decade of decadence, ala 1980’s Sunset Strip.

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"Last Christmas (WHAM! Cover)"


  1. 1. Snow On FerreTT Mountain
  2. 2. Last Christmas (WHAM! Cover)
  3. 3. Sweet Action
  4. 4. Thirsty (Acoustic)
  5. + CD-Rom Bonus Video Track:
  6. 5. Thirsty (Official Video)

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