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In Through The Out Door

FerreTT - In Through The Out Door

FerreTT = high energy, mammoth-fun, sex-fueled hard rock-n-roll. Reviving the 1980s’ drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll, welcome to the party that’s New York’s FerreTT. FerreTT excels in writing ballads comparable to the mega-hits of ‘80s metal classics like Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and Motley Crüe’s “Home, Sweet, Home.” However, don’t let a glam tag deter your listening, FerreTT delivers true rock-n-roll of L.A.’s decade of decadence that was the Sunset Strip. Whether rocking hard with “Year Of The Ferret” and “Jason Lives,” or swooning the ladies with ballads like “On My Way,” and “In Through The Out Door,” one thing is certain – FerreTT rocks.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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  1. 1. Year Of The Ferret
  2. 2. Thirsty
  3. 3. Boys’ Night Out (On Gay Street)
  4. 4. Canadian Hookers
  5. 5. On My Way
  6. 6. Jason Lives
  7. 7. Jobber
  8. 8. Casual Encounters
  9. 9. Orangutan Gigantus
  10. 10. In Through The Out Door
  11. 11. Thirsty (CD-Rom Bonus Video)

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