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Apples & Bananas

Favorite Series - Apples & Bananas

Chosen with care from our award winning, platinum-certified Toddler Favorite series (over 2,000,000 sold), these songs are designed to bring music into your home to share with your young ones. A musical home is a happy home. This production is filled with inspired arrangements, professional singers, an endearing children's chorus and styles ranging from rock n' roll, gospel, folk and country.

These timeless classics have inspired family sing-alongs and dance parties for generations, making this collection the perfect choice to bring the joy of music in to the lives of your young ones! And as an added bonus we've included a few healthy recipes inside.

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"Apples And Bananas"


  1. 1. Apples And Bananas
  2. 2. The Wheels On The Bus
  3. 3. Peas Porridge Hot
  4. 4. The More We Get Together
  5. 5. Shortnin' Bread
  6. 6. If You're Happy And You Know It
  7. 7. Way Up High In The Apple Tree
  8. 8. A Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track
  9. 9. The Hokey Pokey
  10. 10. Who Stole The Cookies?
  11. 11. Polly Wolly Doodle
  12. 12. Ravioli
  13. 13. Alphabet Song
  14. 14. Mulberry Bush
  15. 15. Muffin Man
  16. 16. It's Raining-Itsy Bitsy Spider
  17. 17. The Bear Went Over The Mountain
  18. 18. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  19. 19. Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  20. 20. Hot Cross Buns
  21. 21. All Through The Night
  22. 22. Rock-A-Bye Baby
  23. 23. Twinkle, Twinkle
  24. 24. Brahms' Lullaby

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