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Fates Warning
Theories Of Flight

Fates Warning - Theories Of Flight

Fates Warning are one of the most successful US based prog bands and have sold over 300,000 albums in the United States. Right from the impressive first minutes of their new album, Fates Warning proves itself to be one of those rare veteran bands capable of delivering new material as poignant as powerful as their many high points of the past. Fates Warning rose to international fame in the 1980s and was ranked as one of the early "flagship bands of progressive metal" along with Queensrÿche and Dream Theater, who were responsible for creating, developing and popularizing that genre.

TAGS: Metal

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"From The Rooftops"


  1. 1. From The Rooftops
  2. 2. Seven Stars
  3. 3. SOS
  4. 4. The Light And Shade Of Things
  5. 5. White Flag
  6. 6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
  7. 7. The Ghosts Of Home
  8. 8. Theories Of Flight
  9. Acoustic Bonus Disc:
  10. 1. Firefly
  11. 2. Seven Stars
  12. 3. Another Perfect Day
  13. 4. Pray Your Gods
  14. 5. Adela
  15. 6. Rain

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